The Non-Gourmet Cook’s Go-To Weeknight Dinners

I became a re-stay at home Mom last March and I thought that when I quit my job that I would become this super crazy organized mom who had the laundry completed at all times, planned, cooked, and presented the best healthiest meals around, and still had time to sit down with my kids and teach them their letters, their numbers, and how to be good humans.

Well I was very wrong!  Ironically, I got more done when I was working full-time.  I think that is because maybe I’m now exhausted on a daily basis!  Raising twins is hard and exhausting and there are days that working was actually an easier gig. (Both hard in their own ways)  Happy I got to spend these past 10 months with the twins as they will never be this age again.

~Me & My Littles~

Jeff and I are constantly working towards making our home a little healthier. We haven’t jumped ship on eating pizza or feeding our kids mac n cheese (I always buy Annie’s!) from time to time, but we definitely are thoughtful when it comes to ingredients.  If it makes sense we buy organic and always watch ingredients, especially ones we can’t pronounce.  So while some of these recipes may not work with your diets with gluten, dairy or meat restrictions, I think they can all be adjusted to work for your families 🙂

So even though these recipes are completely doable while working full-time, these are my go to home cooked meals that I use as a SAHM!  So below I have shared with you a few recipes that I make on a regular basis and they are easy for me and raved about.

Pork Carnitas by GimmeSomeOven (Crispy Slow Cooker Carnitas)

– Every time I make these carnitas, I am given praise.  Praise I never really feel worthy of!  Really, everyone who eats them raves about them and compares them to their favorite Mexican Restaurant.  Seriously, it may seem like a difficult recipe, but again if I can do it so can you!  The Chipotle pepper in adobe sauce is found in the Latin-American aisle by the refried beans etc.  I only use one because I don’t like too much spice but I would highly recommend not leaving this little pepper out of the recipe.  Besides that everything is pretty basic!  I made this for dinner for my parents, my family, and my 85-year-old Grandma and everyone was asking for the recipe at the end of the night.

Seriously, give these a try!!! You will not be disappointed!

Crab & Asparagus QuicheAunt Ju Ju’s Quiche Recipe PDF

-My Aunt Julie would always bring a quiche to my Grandma Lorraine’s house for our annual Mother’s Day brunch every year.  She would make broccoli and ham/cheese quiche, a crab and asparagus, and I think maybe even one with Shrimp?  I can’t remember, but I always remember loving them!

I use these pie dishes if doing the recipe crustless.

Chicken Tacos219Momma’s Go To chicken Tacos

– My mom used to make this for us when we were young.  They are tacos but almost have an Italian spin on it. So instead of the regular Mexican spices, you used tomatoes and tomato sauce.  There are so many things you can add to this.

Not the best picture because I forgot to take it before we ate!  I threw some of my homemade salsa in the taco mixture as well. YUM

Chicken Parmesan MeatballsFrom Dinner A Love Story

– I’ve been making these for years.  I make a little extra and freeze them for a quick defrost and easy dinner later!  I always feel like super mom when I pull something out of the freezer, defrost it and have dinner on the table with ZERO clean up.  Well except for the dishes we eat on and the messy toddlers it creates with the sauce 🙂

Naan Pizzas – Really no recipe here, just instructions!

What you need!

Naan Bread (Found in the Bakery area or deli area)

Pizza Sauce (Found by the pizza stuff)

Vegetables (Any that you would like decorate your pizza with – I use mushrooms, thinly sliced tomatoes, and banana peppers)

Cheese – I buy the ball of mozzarella but you can use shredded cheese as well

Olive Oil – My girlfriend always brushes on olive oil before she puts on her sauce etc.

Place in the oven at 375 until the cheese looks melted and yummy and the naan has turned a golden brown

Eat and Enjoy!


Jeff and I have also been alternating between Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.  For $69 with Hello Fresh or $60 with Blue Apron for 3 meals for 2 people – We have actually been saving money.  The meals are usually wonderful so we get our “eating out fix” when we make one of the meals.  It has also taught me how to cook certain things the correct way or the easier way 🙂  I’ve become more efficient in the kitchen as well!  I have a few free meals to give away (I do not work with these companies in any way – My opinions are just my opinions :))  So if you would like one, please message me with your email and I’ll send some over to you!

Hope you found something useful in this post. I love going to my fellow bloggers sites and browsing for new easy dinner solutions


Every family has their Go To Weeknight meals and I would LOVE to know what your family eats so I can incorporate it into our busy schedules!

Happy Eating People!




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  1. You are so right; I feel like I got more done when I was working! I thought it would be easier too once my kids were older (they’re 6 and 10), but I spend so much time at their school and activities, I have less free time. Thank you for these great recipe ideas! I get so bored with the same old thing week after week and it’s nice to have new ideas!

    • People keep telling me to enjoy the time before school activities! I guess every stage has it’s benefits/challenges. Good luck with the recipes! Seriously easy and if I can make them anyone can! My kids even eat them 🙂

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