The NON-DIYer’s DIY recipes #1

The NON-DIYer’s DIY recipes #1

For a gal who has never been very crafty, I feel proud to say that I’ve dabbled in making a few things here and there.  It all started after I started using essential oils and realized that I could make some things that I use every day and maybe save money by doing it.

So I thought I would break down a few things that I’ve made and continue to make all by myself!  I’ll also share a few fun things that I’ve done in the past just show people, that even non-crafty, non-DIYers can make stuff too:)  Hope you enjoy reading!

I will first start off with all things essential oils because it makes up the majority of my DIY items.  I love essential oils and I love sharing them.  Mostly because it brings me happiness knowing that my friends and family are actually benefiting from them by feeling better or eliminating something in their home with something more natural and safe.

Body wash

I make body wash for Jeff and I exclusively now!  I have not done a lot of experimenting with scents because the first one I made – I loved.  The one I use over and over is peppermint and tea tree.  I love the fresh smell and even though tea tree can be a little overwhelming to some, for us we just love it.  My BFF Morgan and her hubby were not so crazy about the scent.  She prefers citrusy scents such as orange and grapefruit!  I make two at a time.  So one is in my shower and the other in my closet ready to go at the moment you realize you have no more body wash in the shower and run naked across the bathroom to get it ;).  You won’t have time or the supplies in your bathroom to whip a batch just then!

~Here is what you will need~





Yes you read this correctly – I make our own chapstick now!  I love it and I can make over 20 tubes with a little bit of product!  I have some tips as well so you can make it great the first time.  My first time was not so great 🙂

~Here is what you will need~






My friend and I came across this recipe early on in our essential oil journey. It’s so simple and everyone that has tried it has come back for more and spread the word about it.  I’ve contemplated selling just these to people because the individual oils can be pricey if you just want this blend!

~Here is what you will need~



  • 3 Drops Frankincense
  • 5 drops Peace & Calming
  • 5 Drops Lavender
  • Fill 2/3 of the bottle with a Carrier Oil



I don’t know about you but my basement windows always get spiders in them.  I guess there is something in peppermint that spiders can feel when they step on it.  Sounds strange but I guess it burns or does not feel good to them so they stay away 🙂

~Here is what you will need~




I love candles and love that I can make them myself!  We go to northwest Minnesota every summer and they call the Mosquito the “state bird”.  They are crazy up there so I like to pull out all of the ammunition I have when it comes to repelling mosquitos.

~Here is what you will need~


Start off microwaving 2.5 cups of wax flakes in 30 second intervals.  I used a spatula to push down the sides and then keep heating.  You can also do this on the stove top with a glass measuring cup or double boiler.  While I was melting the wax I put together the jar with the wick (the sticker came with the wicks I purchased).  I used painters tape and a clothes pin to hold the wick in place until I was ready to pour the hot wax.  Once the wax is completely melted add 15 drops of citronella essential oil and then pour into your glass jar!  Voila!

Mosquitos Gone!



I have many more recipes I’ve used and will share in my next DIY post next month!  Bottom line, I don’t do DIY things, I’ve just never been that gal.  But these few things I can do and they have all become staples in my home.

Share with me anything that you make to make your home a healthier place!  Or to save some $$$ 🙂  Comment below!


~Happy DIYing People~



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18 thoughts on “The NON-DIYer’s DIY recipes #1

  1. I honestly never thought of making body wash you always think of homemade being bar soaps and they seem harder to make. This I think I can really do. Just wondering what the hubby will think of it.

  2. This is insanely awesome! I’ve never heard of making body wash or even chapsticks from scratch. Definitely sharing this to save whenever I’m not too lazy haha. Thanks for sharing!

    • It’s so easy and I really do love it 🙂 The hardest thing for me was ordering all of the ingredients off of amazon and also when I run out of the body wash to remember to bring the bottle downstairs so I can refill:) Good Luck!

  3. I like these ideas. I am amazed at people who find the time to make their own products. I am curious about the body wash and will hopefully try that one soon.

    • Toni, as a mother of twins and someone who is tired often – I sometimes wonder how i make things like this, but really the body wash takes seconds and the other things I don’t make as often. The chapstick I make like every other month or even less. If I can do it, trust me you can 🙂

    • I was just thinking last night that I’m going to make christmas candles for some people. Instead of citronella I will use the YL oil Christmas spirit….Smells like Christmas!

    • Love tea tree and peppermint! But the scent isn’t for everyone 🙂 There are so many different scents to go with so I’m sure you will find one you like!

  4. These look great. I’ve been into trying to use safer products for me and my family. I haven’t tried essential oils, but may need to look into them soon so that I can experiment with recipes like the ones you shared above. Thanks for the ideas!

    • They also have cleaning products using the thieves oil and we use their thieves toothpaste too 🙂 That’s my goal is to make my household a little healthier…It’s a long road! Good luck to you – Please email me with any questions!

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