Stay At Home Mom Status – Tips on Teaching Toddlers their Letters

Stay At Home Mom Status – Tips on Teaching Toddlers their Letters

After almost a year of being back into the corporate world, I resigned as a financial advisor and became a stay at home mom again.

I missed my children dearly (even though they drive me crazy sometimes) and could not find the balance that I needed in my life to justify being gone all the time.

Thanks to Jeff for making this a reality for me. We’ve decided that we are not having any more children so I’m going to soak up those little faces as much as I can every single day.

It was a scary decision to decide to resign from a career I have put over 15 years into, in order to stay home with my kids.  Ironically the nanny quit unexpectedly so the timing seemed to be just perfect.

My largest concern/worry was : Now I’m in charge of what they do on a daily basis.  It was easy to ask our nanny who we paid nicely to work on their letters, numbers, and colors. (She also had a teaching background – so I think it was second nature for her)  I do not have a teaching background but I do have pinterest!  Yes they can sing their ABCs but they could not look at a group of letters and pick out a B. Since I started teaching them their letters by sight, they can go all the way up to K.  We travelled a lot in the summer so their was some breaks in teaching then 🙂

It gave me such a great sense of pride when they learn a new letter and now starting to “trace” them.  Like “I did that! I taught them that letter!”  It’s the little things in life 🙂

Below are some tips on what I’ve done to teach my littles their letters!  It’s only been a couple of months but they have learned so much and I think by the end of the year they will know every letter! Then off to the Numbers!

  1. WORK ON ONE LETTER A WEEK – I only worked on one letter per week. I try to “assign” the letter to someone or something.  Like C is for Claire or H is for Henry.


  1. USE FREE LETTER PRINTABLES – I printed off a Free printable for each letter and the kids love them (These were the three websites that were the easiest to find and print without clicking a bunch of times)

Like this one – From the once a month blogger

Or this one – From Minituremasterminds

Or this one – From The Measured Mom

What my babysitter started last year was she put all of these printouts in clear page covers and gave my kids dry erase markers.  That way you aren’t wasting paper and my kids just love to use any kind of markers!!


  1. USE A LETTER MASTER CHART – I also printed off a Chart of Mastering their letters. I cannot find the link to this.  Basically it looks like a chart with all the letters on it and then your Child’s name would go on.  I bought Alphabet stickers from the dollar store so whenever one of my kids had “mastered” a letter I would let them put a sticker on the chart!


  1. USE WHAT YOU HAVE AT HOME – I pulled out every puzzle or book or magnet or flash card with the letter A or B on it. I put the magnets on the fridge, the flashcards on the counter, the books on the coffee table and the puzzle out in the play room.  Constantly asking them to tell me what letter it was really helped. It also helped that I had different things all over the house and just having them out in plain sight helped me remember.


  1. INCORPORATE SILLY SONGS – Sesame street has the letter of the day song – As cheesy as it sounds, my kids love it so I sing it throughout the day 🙂


  1. PLAY “HIDE THE PICTURES” – After the kids colored the letter of the week printouts I would “hide the pictures”. AND when I say HIDE I mean tape them on the walls with painter tape so it does not mess with your paint 🙂 and have them point them out to me.  Each kid would have to tell me the letter. If I can tell one kid was having a hard time with a letter I keep it taped up.  At the end if they do a good job they get a treat or a sticker for the LETTER CHART!


  1. GET OUTSIDE – Another good idea for new ABC learners during the nice weather months – Go outside and use sidewalk chalk and write out the alphabet.  Yell out a letter and see if they can jump to it:)   I stole this idea from my friend Riste on Facebook! He has some interesting ideas on fun learning tactics for toddler.  My son preferred to use his squirt gun from the dollar store to squirt the letter I yelled out….Whatever works!


Nice thing about these activities is that you can use them for colors and numbers too.  Really anything!

Do you have any good ideas to share on how you taught your littles something new?  Please share in the comments below!


All in all – It’s scary to become a stay at home mom again but seeing their little minds hold on to what I’m teaching them really makes it worth it.


Happy Toddlering People!



22 thoughts on “Stay At Home Mom Status – Tips on Teaching Toddlers their Letters

  1. I love this!! I have a 2 year old and I’ve been struggling to think of how to start educating him on letters, I’m definitely going to use these tips!! Thank you for the inspo

  2. Great tips! Pinterest has so many fun ideas to learn letters. I make an alphabet book with pictures of my child doing something associated with the letter. Then they trace the letter with their finger, say the letter as they trace, then say what’s in the picture. My son easily learned his letters with the book. The printable is on my blog. Have fun being a stay at home mom!

  3. Yes! Sheet protectors are good for worksheets you will reuse. You can also find inexpensive laminators that preserve even better! It’s so fun seeing the world from young eyes and being part of the excitement as they learn new things! Keep up the great work!

  4. Oh my goodness, you’re amazing! I never even thought to do something more formal with my boys – they are 2.5. One of them sings his version of the ABCs and knows them pretty well by sight. The other one isn’t that interested. But I never even thought of being more intentional about it. Add it to the winter to-do list! Thank you!!! Pinning. This is great, detailed information! Love!

    • Thanks Kate! We kind of took most of the summer “off” with the letters just because we were so busy and outside a lot but back it now! Good luck 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post! Great ideas! I’ve started doing a letter of the week with my toddler and was looking for more coloring pages for him. Thanks for the links!

  6. I love this! I have 2 little ones and always looking for ideas to teach them different things! Pinterest has been great help! Thanks so mich for sharing these tips!

  7. This is just what I needed as I plan to begin working on letters soon. My two and a half year old can write and identify the letters in her name, but not any of the other. I want to work on identifying more than writing right now.

    • Thanks Katie! My kids are still working on their names so kudos to your little one for already knowing his/hers! Hope they are helpful 🙂

  8. These are great ideas. I’m going to put some of them into work with my toddler and maybe even my 1 year old will benefit from it and learn early!!

  9. Great ideas! I love your Hide The Letter game! We did tip #7 a lot. Sidewalk chalk is always fun! I also create youtube playlists of educational videos teaching letters and letter sounds…. because, you know, kids love screen time and moms feel better about letting them watch tv if it is educational. 🙂

  10. Thanks for these. I did tracing with my daughter, I would write out her name or letters in a highlighter then she trace over them with a dark crayon. I also love educational videos.

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