Our Twin Pregnancy & Delivery Story + Tips

Our Twin Pregnancy & Delivery Story + Tips

Every pregnancy has a story but I like ours the best 🙂  Read on to hear more about our “story” and to get a couple delivery and hospital tips.

We found out we were pregnant and were so excited for our first Dr. appointment!  The night before we told a girlfriend of mine that we were expecting and Jeff asked “Will we find out if there are two in there tomorrow?”  I was shocked that he would ask something like that….very random.

Well sure enough in the Dr. office the next day, they did an in-office ultrasound and she smiled and said “Huh, well it’s twins!”  I looked over at him and we just both smiled and laughed in a very nervous way.  It was the best surprise in my life so far.  The fun part came when we called our families to let them know that we heard “the babies’ heartbeats” No one caught on to our words besides my dad and everyone was thrilled.

My pregnancy was pretty good.  I have multiple sclerosis and for whatever reason the hormones pregnant women produce eliminate all symptoms, well at least in my case.  I was very lucky and actually felt wonderful pregnant without any of my “common” irritating MS issues.  I was supposed to be in a study of women right after they were pregnant but unfortunately my insurance changed and I couldn’t see the Dr. anymore…..But I do have very high hopes that one day there will be a way to bottle this up and give it to us that have MS to eliminate symptoms and stop the progression.  Learn more about MS HERE!

I had more energy (In the beginning), never got sick or felt sick one time, and felt healthier than I did not pregnant.  It wasn’t until the last month that I got really tired and lethargic, mostly because of the load I was carrying!  I also broke out with PUPPS rash (Read more about PUPPS here by mamanatural).  That was the worst part of my pregnancy because it lasted the whole week before I delivered.   Oatmeal baths helped but it was pretty bad as far as annoying itching goes 🙁

I also had Placenta Previa (Read more about Placenta Previa here from Babycenter) which made the decision for us on how and when the twins would arrive.  We were scared but there was a part of me that was relieved that there would be no surprise delivery or labor etc.  but also, a little disappointed that I would never have that feeling of “it’s happening!”  Either way it was very nerve-racking but exciting at the same time.

We delivered in Chicago at Northwestern around 2:00.

***C-SECTION TIP*** I would advise to schedule your delivery for earlier in the morning.  I was not thinking and accepted a 2:00 delivery which meant that I could not eat all morning leading up to my delivery (surgery).  I will tell you that you will be hungry and to be nervous and sleep deprived without being able to eat is not fun.  I did it though!  I did wake up at like 2:00 am to eat a bowl of cereal quietly by myself in my living room.  It’s actually a fond memory for me, like the last time I would be just Jillian.

The twins were born 5lb 15oz and 6 lbs. and both perfectly healthy.  We took the time in the recovery room for just us four and then allowed our 20 or so family members to join us in the room.  Being the first Grandkids on both sides meant the excitement was very very high and add in that they were twins increased this excitement tenfold.

See my post on my must have items for my pre-packed Hospital Bag! (What to bring to the hospital)

We delivered on Tuesday and stayed in the hospital until Saturday morning.  I’m not going to lie I was so scared to take these little people home without nurses down the hall.  They actually “released us” on Friday but I was in a lot of pain and our insurance covered another night in the hospital so we took advantage of that.

***HOSPITAL TIP*** I would recommend to know your health insurance coverage for how many days are COVERED.  It was comforting to know that even though we were released we had the option to stay another day.

Our experience was a great one and I wouldn’t change anything about the day our twins were born.  It was the best day of my life and I’m not sure what can top that feeling when you first hold your babies.

***Hospital Tip*** If you plan to do some baby pics at the hospital I would look into this before delivery. I was too tired to have any thoughts or ideas at the time.  Looking back I wish I would have had a cool picture of the room # with us blurred in the background or pictures of just their little feet 🙂  I was obsessed with how teeny tiny they were and wish I had a better pic to remember it by.  Also, the only picture I have of holding both babies is right after they were born.  Everyone else in my family has a picture of this but me 🙁  Make sure you have someone take your picture.  If you are anything like me you are the one who is always taking the pictures so no one even thought of it.

Many times, people say “I don’t know how you do it with twins, I can barely handle one”.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of this sentence from friends, family and even strangers.  Our life is busy and sometimes crazy, but we know no different.  We only have the twins so I have nothing to compare it to.

I do not want to say it’s easy (by any means) but just our “normal”.  Take a look at some of my other posts to get a few more TWIN TIPS!


Do you any of you other mommas or dads or caregivers have any other tips for delivery day and hospital stay?  If so drop a line below!  Or share your pregnancy story with the rest of us!


Happy Delivery Day Mommas ~ You will rock it!

Jillian ~ 219momma

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  1. Wow, respect how you handled it! I hope I get twins. I bet it won’t be that easy giving birth for your first child and excepting twins. So, I really have respect for women like you! Great job!

    • Hey Jassy! Thanks:)
      I have multiple sclerosis so being pregnant was actually therapeutic for me, meaning that I didn’t have any MS symptoms for the whole pregnancy. So even though I got VERY large and uncomfortable at the end, I was super healthy more than usual 🙂 We didn’t know anything different so I guess it was good that we were blessed with twins in our first pregnancy! Good luck to you in your journey!

    • Yes I thought the same thing. I guess he had a similar conversation with my cousin weeks before! The real fun came when we had the “big” ultrasound – He thought he saw THREE 🙂

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