Things to do early on in Babies’ Lives

Things to do early on in Babies’ Lives

I wasn’t sure what to title this post.  There are so many things that I look back on and say “man, why didn’t we think of that” or “man, I should have started this a lot earlier”.

Having twins has been a blessing and a challenge all wrapped in two cute packages.  Time seems to go by so very slow but the weeks, months, and years fly by.  My twins are three now and I have no idea where the time went.  At the end of the day you look around the house and think “what did I do all day”.  You have nothing to show for your efforts besides to healthy and hopefully happy babies.  It only gets more challenging once they become mobile and start playing with toys in every single room of the house 🙂

***TWIN TIP*** I would recommend working on teaching children to clean up their messes early and often!

Here is a list of three must do items early on in your baby or babies’ lives’

  1. BABY BOOKS – I will confess that I have three-year-old twins and I have not started their baby books. It is the one regret that I have and I cannot wait until I start them so I can release this sense of guilt I have!  I did, however, write down a ton of stuff like every single “FIRST” that would be in a baby book and cute little things they would do, their weight and percentile at Dr. visits.  Plus, I have probably 20,000 pictures.

So I thought, I’m not going to do a pre-made baby book, I’m going to make them myself with Shutterfly!  Anyone who knows me well knows I love Shutterfly and use it often. I thought I’ll write down all the milestones, etc and one day put together a photo book for each twin to keep.  Like a baby book but so much more 🙂  Like a new mother of twins should take on that task….

Well almost 3.5 years later I have no such baby Shutterfly book created (I have started one) and now I have a terrible sense of guilt that I never created them.  Should I purchase those cute pre-made baby books (I’ve seen some on Etsy that look great) or should I suck it up and spend the 10 hours it would take to create my vision???? Help me decide, it seriously eats me up inside.

Word to the Wise – Please start your baby books early, your future self-will thank you!

  1. FAMILY PHOTOS ONCE YOU ARE SETTLED – Another regret of mine is not having a family photo session with the twins when they were teeny tiny. We did have the hospital photographer take some pictures but I want the ones with the little wrinkly babies laying in curled up positions looking all cute and cuddly.  We have some of them in a basket but I was too sleep deprived to come up with my own ideas.  I wish Pinterest and I were better friends back then.
  2. CLOSET ORGANIZATION – Keep Organized in the beginning –
    • Clothes and little things that you will want to keep and cherish for your future self or kids
    • Clothing and other items you want to give to the next family member or friend that has a kid (or yourself if having more children)
    • Clothing or other items that you will want to donate.

I recommend having a bin or something in the closet to throw these things into as they grow out of them or you don’t want them anymore.  I look at my 3 years olds closets now and I think to myself “Self, you should not be going through baby socks to look for a pair that fits your son who wears a size nine shoe now”  I think I try to put these little tasks off in hopes of them not growing up as fast 🙂  These are nice to keep around to stay organized.

I wish I was a little more organized back then.  I look at myself now and think I have it together but I’m sure in another 3 years I’ll be saying to myself “you shoulda, blah blah blah.  I think it’s normal not to have it all together, but sometimes it’s nice to feel like you do 🙂

Any thing that you would tell your past self during the toddler age?  I’d love to hear it to be on top of my game in Stay at Home Motherhood stage!

Until Next Time — Happy Parenting!

Jillian ~ 219Momma

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2 thoughts on “Things to do early on in Babies’ Lives

  1. Are the Shutter Fly books good quality? I want to do something like this but it is a bit pricey. I know they do it as well as Snap Fish. I want to make one for each of my daughters for Christmas (They are grown and have kids of their own) I think they would like something like that more than anything.

    To answer your question I have had the unique opportunity to do it all over again. (Not with twins) but with Little Miss. She is my granddaughter of whom I have custody. Many things I would have done differently I am able to. One of them is having her help with little chores from an early age. She has been helping since just before two. We make it fun and we do it together. Things like putting the silver ware away, cleaning up her toys.

    Another is making my self less busy my kids grew up watching me clean a lot. I set the standard for clean far too high. It was a mistake. No, I don’t mean stop cleaning simply to stop and enjoy moments cleaning can wait a while. get down, play… enjoy while they are small. It is a moment in time that slips away in the blink of an eye.

    • Jennifer – Thank you so much for the comment – You are right about taking time to spend with the kids when they are little. My kids light up when I get on the floor to play “guys” with my son, or paint my daughter’s nails. I notice when I’m more present during the day they seem to be more content and less cranky 🙂
      I love the shutter fly books and think they are wonderful quality. I do have to say that I have only used shutter fly books so I can’t really compare them. They are pricey, but I NEVER pay full price. A lot of times places like Kohl’s or Old Navy have coupons for a free book. The shipping gets expensive too but you can always get free shipping if you spend $39 or more. It is almost always worth buying something else to get your cart over $39 🙂
      Another tip is to use GROUPON – They almost always have a shutter fly book coupon on there as well. Once you join you will get emails for other promotions too. I just ordered a free calendar that I do every year. It’s nice because it saves your “special dates” and birthdays so you don’t have to input them every year!
      Hope this helps and so nice chatting with you….So happy that you have your Little Miss 🙂

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