Healthy Subscription Box Reviews

Healthy Subscription Box Reviews

Healthy Subscription Reviews

Jeff and I have always strived to be healthier than we are today.  We watch what we eat, try to make somewhat healthy choices, and workout on rare occasions.  We go through spurts of “working out” and eating salads, BUT we also love PIZZA and WINE and many other unhealthy consumable items 🙂

We are always looking for ways we can make our home and habits a little healthier.  We’ve tried HelloFresh meals, Nature Box and MightyFix so far.  We have plans to try out some other companies as well.  We won’t keep them all going at the same time because that can become quite pricey but we like to try out a bunch to find our favorites or the ones that we think have the most value.  I wanted to give a quick rundown of the healthy subscription boxes we’ve tried out so far to give you the inside scoop~

MightyFix from

We like to try new healthy/safe items that we know nothing about and when I read about Mighty Nest’s MightyFix it seemed to be the perfect fit.  For $10 a month you get a new product to try out and love or hate.  Well so far, I have loved all of the items and have found some useful tips that they send with the packages.  With the mighty fix subscription, you can also add other items to come in your monthly package so you don’t have to pay for extra shipping.

So far, we have received:

  • 3 Wool Dryer balls – They say to put a couple drops of your favorite essential oil on the dryer balls to give your laundry a nice light scent. I usually go for a scent like orange or lemon:)   I use these essential oils.  These dryer balls are to replace dryer sheets which I’ve read are pretty toxic.  Also, they are supposed to reduce drying time and save you money in the long run.
  • Beeswax Wraps – You receive a large one and a small one. I believe the retail price is more than the $10 you pay for the mightyfix subscription.  I’ve used them a bunch already and it makes me feel good that I’m not using plastic wrap once and then tossing it in a few days. 
  • 5 Tidy dishcloths – These are supposed to reduce your paper towel usage by a ton! I’ve used them for a whole week and I love them so far 🙂

What is nice about the subscription is that you can add anything to your shipment for the month so you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Nature Box

It is so easy to get hungry in between meals and open your pantry or desk drawer and grab the quickest easiest and usually unhealthiest option.  Nature Box is good way to help you make healthy choices and all of the items that we have received have been pretty yummy.  Sometimes I even wonder how they could be healthy they taste so great!  They will even credit you for snacks that you dislike…Pretty cool! Here is the NATURE BOX LINK!

Hello Fresh

We have used HelloFresh numerous times in the past and I’m recently starting it back up.  It doesn’t work for us to do it each week, but I’m scattered at times and we out sometimes too.  But once a month I love to have healthy meals all set out for me.  When I say I’m scattered – I often plan out our meals and then forget the most important ingredient etc.  So I have to push the meal back a day etc.  Or last minute we get invited to dinner and what I have defrosted gets pushed back a day.

Here is how it works:

  • You sign up by creating a username
  • You look through the menus and get to pick
    • The Classic Plan for 2 or 4 people and 3 or 4 recipes a week
    • The Vegetarian Plan for 2 or 4 people and 3 recipes a week
    • The Family Plan for 4 people and 2 or 3 recipes a week
  • You get to choose out of a selection of recipes which ones you want shipped
  • Pay for the service
  • Set up Delivery
  • Receive the delivery of all the ingredients for the yummy meals
  • Start making a Gourmet dinner you didn’t think you could ever create!

Here is a link to HELLOFRESH and you will receive my discount!

HelloFresh has really helped out with our busy schedules and lack of time to plan exciting new meals.

Has any other mommas or families out there tried a healthy or fun subscription box that is worth a re-order?  I love to get insight from other families that have actually tried these boxes.

We just signed up for our first Blue Apron to be delivered on September 2nd!  Yes, that’s a Saturday so I won’t have to worry about meals for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday!



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  1. I never realized how many “Healthy” subscriptions! This is so cool, the beeswax strips are probably the most intriguing to me, because I’ve never heard of them!

    • Cari – Every time I use them I feel good about not using a piece of foil or plastic wrap once and then tossing afterwards 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I just got notice of my Blue Apron being shipped I hope that turns out good! $40 off coupon is always good 🙂

    • So Good!….I’m trying out blue apron this week so I will be able to compare. Without coupons it’s kind of pricey but with all the ingredients they put in there it makes sense! I love that you have the recipes to keep on hand for future use (However, I’ve never remade any of them and I’m not sure why!:))

  2. Healthy eating is a struggle with all those junks everywhere. However, we must take care of the body and strive to eat healthier, thanks for the lovely tips, great read!

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