Twin Delivery – What to pack for your hospital stay

Twin Delivery – What to pack for your hospital stay

Hey Mommas or soon to be Mommas.  The question of the hour…What do you pack for the Hospital!?!?!  With Pinterest and the internet and all of the books floating around in the world, it is so easy to get overwhelmed with little details of things like what to pack in your hospital bag. I read everything I could leading up to my delivery, but after delivering I can give you my must haves and maybe some of my “regrets” of not packing!  I won’t give you a crazy extensive list just a few things that I wish I would have had or definitely used a ton while in the hospital.

Having Placenta Previa – I was given a delivery date for my C-section.  I had to deliver right around 36 weeks because of possible complications if an early delivery would occur.  Even though it made me slightly nervous knowing that if I went into early labor that I would have complications like bleeding etc, I still felt pretty on top of things knowing the actual day I would deliver.  I still had a bag packed for the hospital but let’s be honest ladies…You probably live close to the hospital so I’m sure someone would be ready and willing to run home if you needed something badly.

I wanted to have it packed and tucked in a little corner so I was ready and prepared for the day.  I was having twins so I was much less mobile towards the end.  (Even though I did work three days before I delivered :))  Just knowing I had everything I needed felt good.  Well, I was not as prepared as I would have liked.  Mostly to do with pictures.  We had our twins photographed at the hospital.  Looking back, I wish I would have waited until we got home and a little more acclimated to these little people and maybe a little more rested.

One thing I did learn, you CAN wear makeup during a C-section.  I honestly thought because it’s a surgery you should not wear nail polish or makeup.  That was just something I always thought to be the “rule”.  Well, my beautiful cousin Sarah delivered a few months after me via C-section and let me tell you she looked radiant. I on the other hand looked very swollen and you could not see my eyes.  I guess make up really wouldn’t have helped that. 😉

~My 10 Must Have Items for Hospital Bag~

  1. Cute Lounging clothes – I had no idea we were getting baby photos done and we would be in one of them…. Needless to say, I do not display this photo now 🙂
  2. Maternity sports bra – I think regular sports bras are fine if you are not nursing.
  3. Robe – My sister bought me a super comfy jersey knit robe – Also from Target!  I’m starting to see a trend here 🙂
  4. Slippers – My sister also bought me comfy slippers – No backs so they are easy on and off.  After a C-section you won’t be able to bend over to take them off.
  5. Comfy undies and socks – Undies are so important because after any type of delivery you are very sensitive down there and comfort is Key!
  6. Make up (For the pictures and maybe some visitors)
  7. Cute outfits for baby (or babies) – Mine were in the hospital on Valentine’s Day so we had cute matching outfits with little hearts.  A little feminine maybe but still adorable to look back on 🙂
  8. Any blanket or cute item for baby pics if you plan to do them in the hospital – My girlfriend Sarah bought us the cutest gray and yellow blankets that we used in our pictures.
  9. Your own pillow and blanket – Sleeping is very important these first few days
  10. Extra empty bag – The hospital we delivered at sent us home with a few packages of diapers and a bunch of sample formula. It saved us a bunch!

I’m sure the world won’t end if you don’t have all of my Must Haves packed but I know it’s always nice to have peace of mind knowing you are all set 🙂


Any other tips from other Mommas out there?  Please comment below.  My best friend in the whole wide world is expecting and I need to update her on things she’ll need. 

Happy Delivery Mommas!  You’re gonna rock it!

Jillian ~ 219Momma

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    • 🙂 Hopefully you can stock up on some good stuff! So excited!!! Yeah I was not prepared to look pretty for pictures, but you look super without makeup!

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