My Favorite Maternity & Twin Baby Items

My Favorite Maternity & Twin Baby Items

Maternity Clothing/Items!

Preparing for Babies is extremely stressful and throw in a little discomfort because of your growing belly the last few weeks it can be challenging to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row. Being a first time mom I did not even know where to start to look for clothes to wear!  I worked in a professional office in Downtown Chicago, so I had to dress up almost every single day while pregnant and my out of work style while pregnant was very “relaxed”.  I will first say that Motherhood has some nice stuff but I was growing so fast that I didn’t want to spend the money 🙁

Here is a short list of places I found some good maternity things and some go to items

  1. Motherhood – I mostly shopped on the clearance rack
  2. Old Navy – I believe every store has a small section of maternity but Chicago’s was large 🙂
  3. Target – I found my single most favorite item here Belly Band. I used this thing every single day in my first and into my second trimester.  It was a life saver and a dollar saver!  My hips never expanded so my jeans and dress pants would still fit but I couldn’t button them up…Voila! Belly Band – get one early.  I also found most of my dress pants at Target and some cute tops!  To be honest, I had a maternity dress in XS years before becoming pregnant because I loved it so much…You can find some really cute stuff!
  4. Nordstrom Rack – I found some really great shirts here. I didn’t buy maternity I bought extra large 🙂
  5. Friends who have had a baby – Maternity clothes are expensive so people do not just throw them away, sell them, or donate them like other items of clothing.  I do not plan on having another child but I have kept all of my maternity clothes to pass on to my sister when she is expecting!  So reach out to those ladies in your life and ask to “borrow” any maternity clothes that they think will fit you.  It will save you a ton of money 🙂

Other Helpful things during Pregnancy!

  1. Lazy Boy – Jeff bought me a lazy boy towards the end of the pregnancy because our bed is low platform bed and I was having a hard time getting in and out of bed the million times a night to visit the porcelain throne. 😉  It was nice to lower the foot rest and pop right up!
  2. Maternity Body Pillow – Jeff bought this for me early on in the pregnancy.  It helped me find comfortable spots throughout the night.  You can find them anywhere but here is an article from that reviews 10 different body pillows.
  3. Water bottle – I would highly recommend drinking a ton of water while pregnant.  I craved it with as much ice as I could put in my cup without having to sit by the water cooler all day!  I love these bottles by S’well – You can put ice in this bottle and it will stay ice for a weirdly long time.  So if you like your water ice-cold like me, invest in one of these bottles.  They even have really cute designs to make a cute accessory 🙂  Mine is burnt orange, was a gift and I absolutely Love it!

Baby Registry!

It becomes very overwhelming to register for baby items especially if you are the first person to have a baby in your family in a really long time!  Thank goodness I had my bestest friend Sarah to help me navigate all of the options out there.  She has twin girls and they are just a few years older than mine!

***Baby Tip***Registering can be fun and exciting do not get overwhelmed by little details, this may be your one and only time registering.  Enjoy these moments because they pass by quickly and you may forget to appreciate the moments that you are in while they are happening. 🙂

***Baby Tip*** Look for places like Babies R Us that will give you credit back for registering with them.  If people buy things off your register than you will receive some form of credit to use in the store later.  That can really add up!  Click HERE for more information!

***TWIN TIP *** Most larger companies will give you a 10% off buying two of the same large items such as car seats, car seat bases, cribs, etc.  We received this at Pottery Barn on our cribs but I’m almost certain Babies R Us and other similar stores offer this same discount.

I did not find the bedding that I dreamed of for the twins nursery at Babies R Us or Target so I searched elsewhere.  I lived in Chicago at the time and found the most beautiful gender neutral bedding here at Land of Nod.  I didn’t register there but probably should have.  I just mentioned to my family that my bedding was a little pricier then the local stores and voila! My sister bought it for me 🙂

Here is a short list of things that I could not have lived without when it came to my twin babies.

  1. Baby Snap & Go –  A friend of mine gave me this of her sisters before the twins were born.  We didn’t think we would use it because we already had a double stroller but we ended up using it almost exclusively when they were in their baby car seats.  It is crazy light and the other double stroller was so much hard to get in and out of our truck.  Even though it is under $70 at Target – I would check out a once upon a child or eBay for someone trying to sell theirs.  We tried selling ours at a garage sale for $10 and it’s in perfect condition.
  2. Baby Monitor – This one moves so you can see both cribs 🙂  I Know that these have probably come a long way in the last few years but this one was great and still works.
  3. Boppy Lounger – My dear friend Sarah and fellow mother of twins gave these to me as a gift at our baby shower.  I didn’t register for them but they were the single most important item during the first 5 months or so.  They were a life saver when I was trying to feed bottles to two babies at the same time.  I’d put them each in one, place them on the couch and sit in the middle.  Voila – two happy fed babies secure in the Boppy.  Now I will mention that once they start moving around and rolling, might not be the safest to put them in there on the couch by themselves.  They can roll right out.  However, placing them on the floor is not a far fall and if on carpet will not hurt them. 🙂  Seriously – register for these or buy them yourself.  They will make you feel at ease when you can only hold one baby but want the other one very close to you.  I would hold the fussiest baby and then hold the hand of the other.

***Baby Tip*** –  Breast Pump – This can actually be given to you for free by your insurance company.  I highly! recommend putting out a phone call to see if your insurance company provides this item for free.  They can be pricey!

Please feel free to share any other items that were helpful to you or someone you knew in the beginning.  Comment Below 🙂

Always nice to have ideas to share with those soon to be mothers of multiples out there!  


Happy Baby Showering!

Jillian ~ 219momma

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